RDA Group Travel Expo 2024

We are already looking forward to the RDA Group Travel Expo in Cologne on April 23rd + 24th, 2024. The registration documents will be available here soon.


Stand registration

We are looking forward to your stand registration for the RDA Group Travel Expo on April 23rd + 24th, 2024 in Cologne!

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Good reasons...

Unique network

Extend your network - more than 50 sectors are presented at the exhibition

Numerours initial conacts

Meet new contacts: 1/3 of the business talks are initial contacts

More orders

More than 80 % of visitors use the RDA GTE to place or prepare orders

Current trends

Inspire yourself and others in interaction about currents trends

Content exhibitors

Many exhibitors keep faith with us for many years already and recommend the RDA

Stand sizes and sample prices

No matter if your a first-time exhibitor or if your have your own exhibition stand - we offer the right stand type for every exhibitor.

1. System stands

System stands will be built by our exhibition stand builder and equipped with a basic furnishing so that you will only need to decorate your exhibition stand individually.

Our system stands are available in 3 different sizes:

Micro stand 6 m²

(3x2 meters)
exclusively for new exhibitors*


Standard stand 9 m²

(3x3 meters)


Standard stand 12 m²

(4x3 meters)


2. Open stand areas

Open stand areas only include the ordered area. Either you or an exhibition stand builder comissioned by you are responsible for your stand construction. Open stand areas are available as aisle stand, corner stand, head stand or block stand.

Aisle stand

1 open


Corner stand

2 open


Head stand

3 open


Block stand

4 open


3. Coach exhibition

We are happy if you want to present yourself with a coach. You can either place it on your booked exhibition stand space (free of charge) or next to it (€ 850.00/coach)

* The prices above are valid for members of RDA International Coach Tourism Federation and when booking within the early booking period.
For further information please refer to the stand booking forms.