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Delivery of promotion material

Please do not send any brochures or advertising material to the RDA Expo GmbH in Cologne. There are absolutely no storage possibilities or transport facilities for forwarding such material to the exhibition fair ground. If you want to have brochures or advertising material sent to your stand, please contact the following forwarding company:

Schenker Deutschland AG

Neue Messe 3, DE-88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)7541 25100

Fax +49 (0)7541 22595

Floral decorations

You can pre-order floral decorations from the following companies:

Mayer Blumenhaus
Phone: +49 (0)7541 23033
Fax: +49 (0)7541 23035

Axel Röhm Blumen Objekte
Phone: +49 (0)7541 22208


Please ensure that you have notified the GEMA (German Performing Rights Society), if you wish to publicly reproduce copyrighted music at your stand. Please find the registration form at

Musical performances

The prime purpose of the RDA Group Travel Expos is information exchange and sales discussions. Therefore please note that musical performances are only permitted after the official end of the exhibition on each exhibition day. No exceptions are possible.

Ancillary Services

Please ensure that ancillary services are ordered in time (e.g. power installation etc.). Last-minute orders lead to longer waiting times and additional costs.

Press and PR

The RDA Expo GmbH supports your media work before, during and after the exhibition with a variety of services. We will inform you about these in plenty of time by e-mail and via our website under the press menu.

Exhibitors' events

You can invite trade visitors and business colleagues to visit your stand exhibition during the early evening until 10 pm. All events must be registered in advance with the RDA Expo GmbH. Please note that additional costs for additional security personnel etc. may be invoiced.

Stand Security and Stand Insurance

Security surveillance of the exhibition halls is provided 24 hours a day on behalf of the exhibitors. Nevertheless we cannot assume any liability for exhibition stands, advertising materials, video systems or
the like. Please note that we therefore explicitly ask you to lock away any valuables such as video systems, TV screens, laptops etc. in the evening. You may also employ additional stand security. We also
recommend you to take out stand insurance.

Security Checks

Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH reserves the right to make use of its domiciliary rights. Individual and random controls of bags and packages may be carried out during the course of the exhibition for security reasons.

Distribution of advertising materials and magazines

Please note that it is only permitted to distribute advertising material and magazines on your own stand or directly in front of the stand. Distribution of such material at the exhibition entrances, in the foyer and in the aisles is strictly forbidden.

Messetermine 2020

Friedrichshafen: 21. + 22. April 2020
Köln: 07. + 08. Juli 2020


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