Experience Baden-Württemberg in a group

Well-known destinations such as the Black Forest and Lake Constance are located in Baden-Württemberg. But even for tour groups that visited these regions, there is still much to discover.

These include, for example, the small town gems of Baden-Württemberg, which impress with charm, thematic guided tours and numerous places to stop for refreshments. Each of the current 18 small towns offers its own reasons to travel, such as the Peter and Paul Festival in Bretten (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), the Hermannshof Show and View Garden in Weinheim or the traditional breweries in Ehingen (Danube).

Themes such as culture, nature, enjoyment and wellness can be excellently combined in Baden-Württemberg, as on the "Romantic Neckar" cycle tour from Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg. Or on a short trip to Heilbronn with a vineyard hike, wine tasting, a visit to the experimenta science centre and a day trip to the adventure park or the Tripsdrill wildlife paradise. Or how about a trip to the gold town of Pforzheim and the Gasometer. Bertha Benz, a native of Pforzheim, undertook the world's first overland journey in a car driven by her husband Carl. It led from Mannheim to Pforzheim. Ideal conditions for designing programmes for women.

It is not only men who find happiness in Göppingen and the Märklineum. Here you can explore the nature around the Hohenstaufen, experience the town's history or spend a whole day under the motto Märklin in Göppingen.

Every group trip to the epicurean state of Baden-Württemberg is a pleasure thanks to the good regional cuisine and a glass of Baden or Württemberg wine or a cool beer.

You can visit Tourism Baden-Württemberg at the RDA Group Travel Expo 2023 in Cologne at stand B30.