Image campaign „ich Bus in Urlaub“

Campaign for the climate-friendly coach

The coach has top ratings in terms of climate protection and safety. A coach trip is varied, comfortable and reasonably priced - these positive characteristics are often not sufficiently present in the public perception. The new image campaign of the RDA International Coach Tourism Federation (RDA) "ich Bus in Urlaub" (I Bus on holiday) will strengthen the public perception of the coach as the No. 1 climate protector among means of travel in the German-speaking countries the long term. In the course of the debate on climate protection, passengers will question their own travel habits with regard to their climate friendliness much more frequently than has been the case in recent years, and the willingness to switch to the climate-protecting coach is likely to increase.

Modular design allows a wide range of combinations
In all campaign motifs, the modular structure consists of the "bus" as the central element of the slogan, the target group and the destination or reason for travel. This allows for a large number of combinations and variations to appeal to the most diverse types of travel. The idea behind it: The coach is suitable as a means of travel for different age groups, travel occasions and destinations - there is something for everyone among the numerous offers. The slogan is also changeable: "I Bus ..." can be supplemented by a country, a region, a city or a specific reason for travel, such as a health cure. The word "bus" takes on the function of a verb and makes the choice of the means of travel a matter of course.

"ich Bus in Urlaub" holds potential for destinations and operators
The campaign will consist of individual measures that will be developed together with the respective destinations. These can be tourist destinations or events. In this way, destinations connected to the RDA can easily and efficiently attract more coach passengers. And as soon as the campaign route for a destination is ready, members on the tour operator side can link their travel offer to it. The campaign is designed for the long term and will always reinvent itself. Destinations and tour operators will benefit from this in the long term.