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Feasting and enjoying in Brussels

visit.brussels and partners invite you to the gourmet city of Brussels - this time, among other things, to an architectural feast for the eyes!

With more than 200 listed Art Nouveau buildings, Brussels rightly bears the title of the world capital of Art Nouveau. Behind this style, which still characterizes the cityscape today, is a group of Brussels architects around Victor Horta. The best opportunity to discover the architectural delights is the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Festival BANAD organized by Explore.Brussels (next date: March 12-27, 2022), with guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, etc. In addition, there are year-round group tours of individual buildings (e.g. Hôtel Solvay and Hôtel van Eetvelde as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site), entire neighborhoods (Saint-Gilles, Schaerbeek, Ixelles...) and special topics (Art Nouveau/Art Deco cafés...).

There is also plenty of culture to suit all tastes in Brussels' more than 80 museums: from the Miniature Park Mini-Europe to the Trainworld railroad museum, from the Belgian Comic Strip Center to BOZAR, whose magnificent buildings were designed by Victor Horta.

But Brussels also offers a wide range of culinary delights, from international to typically local. In the latter category, Chez Leon, with its national dish moules frites, and the already mythical noble brasserie Aux Armes de Bruxelles, with its upscale Belgian cuisine, are particularly outstanding.

Enjoy Brussels with all your senses!

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