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Discover foreign worlds

How do scientists work? What's new in research? How is the world shaped with the help of technology?

The answers to these and many other questions can be discovered at experimenta. At the science center in southwestern Germany, visitors can explore the world, their own perceptions and talents. And always quite actively: Because all exhibits in the experimenta are hands-on stations where young and old can smell, hear, see, feel, marvel and experiment. The exhibition, with its scientific and technical focus, extends over four floors, and the activities on each floor represent a different thematic focus.

These can be explored alone or together. Various offers are aimed at groups - for example the "team tour" through the permanent exhibition. This is all about team spirit and good communication. The tour can be done in pairs or with several people: Because the teams can be regrouped in the meantime, so that all members can get to know each other and share a nice common experience.

Experimenting together
The togetherness can also be experienced in the laboratory, for example. experimenta offers laboratory courses on a wide variety of topics in science and technology. In the "Wine Lab" course, for example, everything revolves around doing one's own research and the chemical analysis of wine, must and grape juice.

All in all, there are a number of varied group offerings that make a visit to experimenta a memorable experience. It doesn't matter whether the visit is short or long, because guests have as much time as they want to delve into the topics that particularly interest them. The discovery tour not only takes them through the exhibition or into the laboratory, but can also be extended to the changing special exhibitions and the program in the so-called Science Dome. Behind the name is an unusual combination of theater and planetarium with a revolving grandstand.

Discovering strange worlds
In the Science Dome, guests experience experimental shows and spectacular films on a giant dome screen. The program is coordinated with the respective special exhibitions and complements them thematically. Currently, visitors can dive into the world of the oceans in the special exhibition until the beginning of November. In addition, the films "Expedition Reef" and "The Legend of the Magic Reef" are shown in the Science Dome. The ocean exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History in New York is being shown in Germany for the first time. In it, visitors can discover amazing creatures as well as hidden landscapes underwater.

In the special exhibition that follows, everything revolves around the inner workings of the human body: more specifically, the intestines. Visitors will then learn all kinds of interesting and exciting facts about an often underestimated but vital organ.

Other areas in experimenta include the Maker Space, a kind of open workshop for everyone. Here, visitors can put their ideas into action and use a woodworking shop, a sewing room, a photo studio and a 3D printer, among other things. There is also an observatory and a small theater where plays suitable for children are performed. The Science Center is centrally located in Heilbronn. After a visit, it is therefore a good idea to explore the pedestrian zone with the historic town hall or, if the weather is nice, to end the day on the banks of the Neckar River.

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