Whether in a small business or a large concern, an important component in the foundation of a successful company is always the health of its employees, which can be protected and promoted in many different ways. How can healthy work succeed - and at best even with enthusiasm?

The shortage of skilled workers is felt by large and small companies alike. In order to retain and attract qualified employees, companies should keep healthy working conditions and an attractive working environment in mind. A company's health management system is sustainable if it is firmly anchored in the corporate culture and both employees and management are involved. This can be particularly challenging for smaller companies, because staff exclusively concerned with the health of employees are hardly available there.


DAK-Gesundheit bundles offers for companies of all sizes under the label "DAK Business Consulting". In the area of occupational health management alone, there are around 400 offers available - many also in digital form. These include, for example, analyses, seminars and workshops for managers and their employees. Furthermore, exciting event modules on the topics of relaxation, exercise, nutrition and addiction prevention can promote both health and team spirit. In this way, tricks and impulses for a healthy lifestyle are not conveyed with a raised forefinger, but are associated with beautiful community experiences.

How does DAK Health support companies in BGM?

BGM is a matter close to the heart of the DAK Health. In addition to its legal mandate, DAK-Gesundheit has been helping companies to help themselves for many years. The main aim is to provide a boost for a fixed period of time. During this period, DAK supports companies in the introduction of occupational health management with empirical values and practical knowledge. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If desired, the BGM offers can also be combined with participation in the DAK Business Bonus (up to 3000.00 € per year).


Because every company is unique, all offers are examined during a professional consultation and individually adapted to the requirements of the respective company.

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