Flower blossom and garden experiences

BUGA comes home to a magnificent garden festival.

Erfurt, the traditional capital of the Free State of Thuringia, is considered the cradle of horticulture in Germany. In 1865, the city hosted the first international horticultural show and was host to several floral displays until the International Horticultural Exhibition in 1961.

The heart of the horticultural show is the 36-hectare egapark, a unique testimony to garden design from the GDR's modern era of the 1960s and 1970s. egapark - that stands for 15,000 flowering, seasonally changing square metres, surrounded by the lush green of the lawns and shady groves of trees. Theme gardens in impressive horticultural design create a decorative setting for roses, irises, lilies, Japanese garden art, sculptures or the horticultural heritage of the perennial pope Karl Foerster. An El Dorado for every garden lover and flower fan, an experience for all senses. If you want to take ideas for your own garden with you, you will find them right here. Just in time for the BUGA, the unique desert and jungle house Danakil opens, where visitors can embark on an exciting search for water with all their senses. In the process, they get to know animals and plants that have adapted in a special way to the desert's lack of water or the abundance of the jungle.

A particular treasure in the park is the German Horticultural Museum, which is dedicated to a key point in Erfurt's history and will also be renovated on the outside for the BUGA Erfurt 2021, with barrier-free access and a modern permanent exhibition.

City history and garden art

The Petersberg on the edge of Erfurt's impressive old town is a place of eventful urban history: it tells of the early human settlements, the time as a monastery site, the military use as a citadel, as a company site in the GDR era and of the plans and rejected ideas after the social change until today. The Federal Horticultural Show brings new life to the mountain, making it part of the lively old town. For 171 days, one of the largest baroque city fortresses in Europe will be the venue for a floral show of modern garden themes, offering space for concerts, dance events and all the special highlights that a Federal Horticultural Show promises.


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