Best Mannheim prospects for BUGA23

In 1975, Mannheim went down in the history of the Federal Garden Show as the city with the best-attended BUGA to date. The organizers counted over 8 million guests at the time.

That alone could be an incentive to stage another superlative Federal Horticultural Show in the city on two rivers from April 14 to October 8, 2023. Indeed, BUGA 23 is pursuing highly ambitious goals: Its attractive flower shows and garden landscapes will be spread over a total area of more than 100 hectares, making it the second-largest Federal Horticultural Show ever. Above all, however, it is intended to be the most sustainable Federal Horticultural Show of all time. In view of our threatened environment, its focus will be on issues and solution strategies surrounding the pressing topics of climate, environmental protection, renewable energies and sustainable food security.

Focus on our world

On the left bank of the Neckar River, Mannheim's largest city park, the Luisenpark, created for the 1975 Federal Garden Show, will focus on the exotic flora and fauna of our modern world over 42 hectares. Chinese teahouse, Gondoletta boats or South America House, Humboldt penguins, Nimmersatt storks or Liszt monkeys - in the newly designed Luisenpark, the global interconnectedness of our nature can be experienced.

On the 63-hectare Spinelli, a former barracks site in the north of Mannheim, lies a visionary experimental field. Climate, energy and music garden, pop square, clever irrigation systems, smart solar energy films, futuristic green houses beam the guests there into a sustainable future. This is also where the majority of the approximately 5,000 events take place.

Visionary views

A 2.2-kilometer-long cable car will float between the two BUGA sites. It takes up to 2,800 passengers per hour and direction from one side to the other in just eight minutes and provides a sweeping view of the city. The best views also await on the panorama walkway. 81 meters long, of which around 43 meters are free-swinging, and 12 meters high, it rises above the floodplain, which is home to a large number of animal and plant species.

BUGA 23 thus provides the best views and fits perfectly into the city with its river promenades, harbor and many cultural highlights. A visit to the BUGA can be ideally combined with a visit to the rest of Mannheim - an option that is likely to increase the potential for another BUGA top spot.

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