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Press Service for RDA Group Travel Expo


All journalists intending to report on the RDA Group Travel Expo – on novelties in the coach and group tours market, on developments and present trends being to the tourism sector – are gladly invited to attend.

Media representatives, who already received their press entrance ticket in advance via e-mail, have alerady been accredited by us.

For accreditation on site just complete the form that will be displayed at the press desk. You will need either your press identification card or a written instruction from your editorial office the latter in conjunction with photo identification (e. g. ID card, driver’s license). Business cards, employee IDs or the like are not sufficient for identification purposes.

Media representatives without reporting functions are kindly requested to purchase entrance tickets at the visitor desks.

After accreditation respectively having received a press entrance ticket you have free access to the exhibition and the press office.

Work stations

At the press office work area with desks, sockets and WiFi access are provided. Please direct any enquiries before the exhibition to, or during the course of the exhibition to the staff at the press office. Access will be signposted.


A flashback of the previous day’s RDA Group Trael Expo is available on the 2nd exhibition day from approx. 11:00 am. All media-orientated events (press conferences, kick-off speeches at the TrendForum, exhibitors’ activities at their booths etc.) will be resumed very compactly.

Handouts will be displayed in the press centre. Do you prefer a digital “Bulletin”? Well, this is the access.

Photo Services

A pre-selection of images will be put online on 2nd day’s afternoon – the whole material in the following week. Just click this link.

In case you have special picture requirements or should you require photos ahead of time please contact our press office or speak to our press centre staff. We’ll surely come to a satisfying solution.


Wherever possible we are happy to coordinate appointments with exhibitors, board directors and management of RDA International Coach Tourism Federation and with organisers of RDA Group Travel Expo. Please contact us via presse @rda-expo .de or our  staff at the press office.

Exhibitors, who are only available at set times for press appointments or who intend specifically to make you acquainted with prominent representatives, are listed correspondingly in the press calendar.


Both exclusive media appointments (conferences, meetings, interviews) and public events such as hospitalities, forums, presentations, promotions etc. are chronologically listed in the press calendar. A preliminary version is placed on the press page prior to RDA Group Travel Expo and is updated regularly. Please find the current press calendar here (in Germany language only). Handouts are available in the press centre during the fair.

If hosts require an invitation or an entry ticket, it is stated accordingly.

Further Details about dates dedicated exclusively or primarily to media are to be found in the press briefing.

Press Kits and Press Releases

You will find exhibitors’ press materials in the press office. The displays shelves are refilled regularly.

Dossiers that have been provided digitally are uploaded online, too. Click the tab page “press” and then the link “exhibitors’ PR”.

Press releases of both RDA Expo GmbH and RDA International Coach Federation are displayed in the press office as well. Alternatively you may read and download all their publications in the press pages. These digital versions partly include photos and graphics that aren’t to the handouts.


Private cars may be left free of charge on the press car park within walking distance to the entrance. Reservations or parking permits are not required.

Press calendar

See calendar

Entrance Tickets

see » Accreditation.

Press Desk

The colleagues at “VIP / Press Counter” (right in the entrance area) will be the reference persons when arriving. They look after accreditations, provide digital and printed Workshop Catalogues and point directions whatever you are looking for. The press desk is staffed from 09.00 am. on all exhibition days.

Press contact

RDA Expo GmbH

Communication | Media | Research Dep.

Barcelona-Allee 1

DE-51103 Köln

presse @rda-expo .de

Contact persons:

Dieter Gauf, general RDA representative

Wolfgang Gauf, organsiation and press support

Messetermine 2020

Friedrichshafen: 21. + 22. April 2020
Köln: 07. + 08. Juli 2020


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