Terms & Conditions


General Terms of Business and Exhibition Conditions for RDA Group Travel Expo 2023

The German version is legally binding. English translation is for information purposes only.
RDA Expo GmbH is the organiser of the respective RDA Group Travel Expo.

1. Registration
1.1. Registration is for the currently scheduled date April 25th + 26th, 2023. RDA Expo GmbH reserves the right to postpone the date at short notice due to COVID-19.
1.2. Applicants must register using the original registration forms of RDA Expo GmbH. Registration of a co-exhibitor must be made using the appropriate form. Registration forms must be signed by the applicant (legally binding signature required). The registration constitutes an irrevocable contract offer submitted to RDA Expo GmbH, to which the applicant is bound until the start of the respective RDA GTE.
1.3. Each employee of the applicant must be registered by name on a separate registration form before the start of RDA GTE 2023. If a non-registered employee is required at short notice, RDA Expo GmbH must be notified in writing, stating the name of the employee, before the employee enters the exhibition premises.
1.4. By signing the registration form, the applicant acknowledges the General Terms and Exhibition Conditions of RDA Expo GmbH for RDA GTE 2023 and all other provisions relating to the contractual relationship, in particular the hygiene protection concept of RDA Expo GmbH and Koelncongress GmbH, as legally binding and obligatory for himself, his employees and co-exhibitors.

2. Conclusion of Contract
2.1. The contract is established once it is accepted by RDA Expo GmbH by way of a written order confirmation.
2.2. RDA Expo GmbH may exclude individual exhibitors from participating in the respective RDA GTE for factually justifiable reasons (e.g. due to lack of space). Moreover, RDA Expo GmbH may limit the respective RDA GTE to certain exhibitor groups, if this is required to achieve the purpose of the event. Due to official requirements, RDA Expo GmbH is entitled to limit RDA GTE 2023 to a certain number of participants.

3. Payment terms
3.1. Upon receipt of the invoice from RDA Expo GmbH, the complete stand rental fee for RDA GTE 2023 is payable. For each co-exhibitor, the main exhibitor must pay the respective co-exhibitor stand rent in accordance with the relevant invoice from RDA Expo GmbH. Payment must be received by RDA Expo GmbH before the event begins.
3.2. All listed prices are exclusive of statutory VAT. The reverse charge procedure is applied to exhibitors from the EU with a valid VAT ID number (UID).
3.3. Claims against RDA Expo GmbH may not be assigned. Claims may only be offset with undisputed or legally valid claims.
3.4. Objections against RDA Expo GmbH invoices must be submitted in writing to RDA Expo GmbH within two weeks of receipt of the invoice.

4. Rescission/Non-participation of exhibitor, rescission of RDA Expo GmbH
4.1. Rescission/Non-participation of exhibitor
4.1.1. The exhibitor is entitled to withdraw free of charge if participation is not possible and/or not reasonable due to regulatory and/or official decrees and/or conditions, such as entry and exit bans, quarantine conditions, transport bans, etc.
4.1.2. The entire stand rental must be paid if the exhibitor withdraws from the contract or cancels his participation or if he does not participate in the respective RDA GTE without cancelling, apart from the cases referred to in section 4.1.1. The exhibitor is given the opportunity to provide evidence that RDA Expo GmbH did not incur any or lesser costs.
4.2. Rescission of RDA Expo GmbH
The RDA Expo GmbH is entitled to withdraw from the contract if
4.2.1. the payment is not received by the date noted in the respective invoice, and if the exhibitor, following the delivery of a reminder with an extension, fails to pay these amounts within the extension period;
4.2.2. the stand is not occupied in time, at the latest at the beginning of the RDA GTE 2023;
4.2.3. the exhibitor violates legal regulations, the house rules and/or in particular the hygiene protection regulations and hygiene protection concept and fails to rectify his behaviour even after being requested and verbally warned;
4.2.4. the conditions regarding the approval of the exhibitor for the respective RDA GTE are no longer in place, or in case that reasons – the knowledge of which would not have resulted in an approval – subsequently become known (e.g. inability to pay, commencement of insolvency proceedings).
In cases of sections 4.2.1 to 4.2.4., RDA Expo GmbH may assert compensation claims.

5. Stand assignment
5.1. RDA Expo GmbH assigns the stand in consideration of the available hall space, theme and organisation of the respective RDA GTE. Placement requests must be clearly marked on the stand booking form. Placement requests will be considered as far as possible. There is no entitlement to a specific placement.
5.2. The exhibitor must accept that by the time the respective RDA GTE begins, the location of other stands and exhibition spaces may have changed compared to the time the contract was concluded.

6. Use of stand
6.1. In principle, only one exhibitor is permitted per exhibition stand. The entire stand rental fee – according to the invoice issued by the RDA Expo GmbH – is to be paid by the main exhibitor.
6.2. The main exhibitor may present himself together with co-exhibitors at joint stands on standard stands and open stand areas. In such cases a maximum of 1 exhibitor will be permitted per 6 sqm of exhibition space, regardless of being main exhibitor or co-exhibitor. Payment for every co-exhibitor must be made to the RDA Expo GmbH by the main exhibitor according to the corresponding invoice.
6.3. If co-exhibitors, according to section 6.1., were not registered, the main exhibitor will be invoiced for the respective stand rental fee plus € 100.00.
6.4. The trading of stand space with other exhibitors as well as any cession of part or all of the stand to third parties requires the prior written approval of RDA Expo GmbH.
6.5. Violations of the aforementioned paras. 6.1., 6.2. and/or 6.4. will incur a contract penalty of € 1,500.00. The contract penalty must be paid by the payment date noted in the relevant contract penalty invoice issued by RDA Expo GmbH.
6.6. The stands must be occupied during the entire duration of the respective RDA GTE. The premature departure from/dismantling of the stand will incur a contract penalty of € 500.00. The contract penalty must be paid by the payment date noted in the relevant contract penalty invoice issued by RDA Expo GmbH.
6.7. All exhibitors commit to refrain from conducting parallel events outside of the exhibition halls during the opening hours of the respective RDA GTE. In the case of a breach of this provision, RDA Expo GmbH reserves the right to assert damage compensation claims.

7. Stand construction and design
7.1. The respective technical guidelines, including the event-specific construction heights and the regulation for the design of stand structures at the stand boundaries, are available at http://www.rda-expo.de/en/cologne/exhibitors/stand-registration. These guidelines and associated comprehensive safety regulations must be observed. Any required official approvals must be obtained by the exhibitor himself. Changes on the part of the RDA Expo GmbH are possible; the exhibitor or stand builder will be notified of such changes in a timely manner.
7.2. In the case of open stand areas as well as micro and standard stands, it is not always possible to allocate the desired type of stand or dimensions to every exhibitor due to planning-related reasons. In such a case, RDA Expo GmbH reserves the right to make an alternative suggestion to the exhibitor.
7.3. A construction plan, which must be approved in writing by RDA Expo GmbH, must be submitted for all stands constructed on open stand areas 7 weeks before the construction start of the respective RDA GTE at the latest.
7.4. The measurements and weights of items for the stand areas must also be submitted to RDA Expo GmbH in a timely manner. Stand spaces may not be unilaterally enlarged. In the case of a breach, RDA Expo GmbH shall beentitled to re-calculate the stand rental and moreover impose a contract penalty of € 1,500.00.
7.5. Items may not be posted or stuck on stairs, aisles or walls. The external surfaces of the stands may not be used for advertising purposes. Inadmissible posters etc. will be removed at the exhibitor‘s cost. You must ensure that any posters and similar items within the stand can be removed easily without damaging the hired furniture, incl. walls.
7.6. The stand must be designed in such a way as to avoid the creation of angles that are difficult to manage. Side rooms may not be closed off with doors. The installation of bolts or the like, as well as the placement of nails, clamps, hooks and the mounting of screws or the like in walls, doors, supports, beams, columns, ceilings and floors is not permitted. The suspension of flags, signs etc. from the exhibition hall ceilings is only permitted with the written approval of RDA Expo GmbH.
7.7. All material used for stand construction and stand furnishing purposes must be impregnated for fire resistance, or must otherwise be flame resistant. This provision also applies to flag decorations. During the final inspection, the fire department may demand the submission of the corresponding certificates and may conduct random testing. Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, hydrants and information signs for these facilities must remain visible at all times.
7.8. Electricity connection boxes, installation connections for telephone, gas, water inlet/drainage, compressed air and chimney vents must be freely accessible at all times, and are also available to neighbouring stands if required. Welding works (electronic beam and gas fusion) are not permitted in the buildings.
7.9. Additions to micro and standard stands, such as the attachment of labelling/name plates/fascia boards and the installation of lighting facilities may only be conducted by companies that have been authorised by RDA Expo GmbH.

8. House rules and administrative provisions
8.1. During the course of the respective RDA GTE, the exhibitor has to comply with the house rules of RDA Expo GmbH and of the respective trade fair company on the entire exhibition grounds. During the exhibition, RDA Expo GmbH and the respective trade fair company and their employees and authorised agents are responsible for supervising the buildings and exhibition grounds. The orders, requirements and instructions issued by the employees and authorised agents of RDA Expo GmbH and of the respective trade fair company must be followed. In this context, the main exhibitor is liable for his co-exhibitors. Any special requests in connection with and during the respective RDA GTE, which go beyond the customary scope, are subject to approval. Similarly, instructions, requirements and orders of the construction supervision office, Technical Monitoring Association, Office for Public Order, the police, fire department, structural engineer, trade supervision office and health department must also be followed.
8.2. Required official approvals must generally be obtained by the exhibitor himself. The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that all provisions under trade, police and health legislation, as well as other statutory provisions are adhered to.
8.3. The current hygiene regulations and requirements of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Cologne, Koelncongress GmbH and RDA Expo GmbH must be followed. The current hygiene protection concept of Koelncongress GmbH and RDA Expo GmbH will be communicated to each exhibitor in good time before the start of the RDA GTE and must be implemented by them without restriction. The exhibitor‘s vicarious agents and representatives must also strictly comply with the official hygiene protection specifications and requirements as well as the current hygiene protection concept of Koelncongress GmbH and RDA Expo GmbH. Violations of clause 8.3. sentences one, two and three can result in exclusion from the RDA GTE as well as claims for damages.
8.4. There are special rooms available for the storage of empty containers, packaging material and other empties. According to arrangements made by the fire department, the storage of empties in the exhibition halls as well as in the safety zones is not permitted. The full width of all exits and aisles, as defined in the plans, must be kept clear. Exits may not be hidden or made unrecognisable. Information stands or tables may not be placed directly at entry or exit ways or stairwells.
8.5. Musical performances are not permitted. The rendition of background music, e.g. burnt CDs, MP3, hard-drives and the like on the stand is subject to GEMA fees. Overviews of the current rates can be obtained from the homepage of GEMA at http://www.gema.de. Musical renditions of all kinds require the approval of the Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA) according to the statutory provisions (Copyright Act). Registrations must be submitted to the respective GEMA district office. Non-registered music renditions may lead to damage compensation claims by GEMA (sec. 97 of the Copyright Act) and possibly by RDA Expo GmbH in case of being taken to task by third parties for violations.
8.6. Stand equipment, exhibition items, presentations as well as posters, images etc. must be free of third-party rights (such as copyrights, trademark rights etc.).
8.7. Artistic performances of any kind are not permitted.
8.8. The implementation of special events of all kinds before, during and after the opening hours of the RDA GTE 2023 is only permitted with the prior written approval of RDA Expo GmbH.
8.9. The partition of aisles for receptions or similar events is not permitted. The installation of signs, flags or similar over aisle areas and the installation of carpets in the aisle areas are only are permitted with the written approval of RDA Expo GmbH. Carpeted aisle areas will be billed as regular exhibition space at the respective square metre rate. The distribution and placement of brochures and advertising material outside of the rented stand, hence in the aisles, the entrance area, at the escalators, the forum etc. is only permitted with the written approval of RDA Expo GmbH. Violations may result in a denial of access to the premises.
8.10. Construction and dismantling work may not be executed or performed during the entire exhibition period.

9. Liability, Insurance
9.1. RDA Expo GmbH assumes liability for damages that are caused due to the intentional or grossly negligent action of RDA Expo GmbH and its authorised agents. Where damages are caused by the gross negligence of ordinary vicarious agents, RDA Expo GmbH shall be liable for these damages based on the merits; however, in terms of the amount, its liability shall be limited to the damages that can typically be expected with this type of contract.
9.2. RDA Expo GmbH shall be liable based on the merits for breaches of essential contractual obligations, whose compliance is of special relevance to achieving the purpose of the contract. In the absence of a case pursuant to para. 9.1., liability in terms of the amount shall be limited to the damages that can typically be expected with this type of contract.
9.3. The liability restrictions of paras. 9.1. and 9.2. do not apply in the case of liability for the lack of promised characteristics, liability pursuant to the product liability law as well as liability for injury to life, body or health.
9.4. RDA Expo GmbH‘s liability regardless of negligence or fault for initial defects in the rental item is hereby excluded.
9.5. The exhibitor shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions. In the event that special cleaning measures are required for the respective standard stands or open stand areas after the end of the RDA GTE, the related costs will be charged to the respective exhibitor. It is recommended that exhibitors obtain exhibitor insurance.

10. Force majeure/unavoidable exceptional circumstances
10.1. Any claim to the agreed stand rent shall cease to apply in the event that RDA Expo GmbH is not or only under difficult conditions able to hold the respective RDA GTE due to a situation that is not its or the exhibitor‘s responsibility (e.g. natural disasters, pandemics/epidemics and/or associated official prohibitions/conditions/restrictions, war, consequences of war, terrorist attacks, corresponding threats, imminent or apparently imminent danger and associated precautionary or defensive measures etc.). However, RDA Expo GmbH may invoice the exhibitor for the costs of works that have been commissioned, unless the exhibitor can provide evidence that the works rendered are not of interest to him.
10.2. RDA Expo GmbH will immediately notify the exhibitor if the RDA GTE that has been cancelled due to force majeure and/or unavoidable exceptional circumstances is to be held at a later date. The exhibitor may cancel his participation in the substitute RDA GTE within one week of receiving the notification. In that case, RDA Expo GmbH will lose its claim to the agreed stand rental.
10.3. In the event that the respective RDA GTE must be shortened/changed/restricted or entirely cancelled due to the existence of force majeure and/or unavoidable exceptional circumstances, there shall be no claim to reimbursement of, or a reduction in, the stand rent.

11. Data protection
11.1. Data collection and processing for the implementation of the contract
RDA Expo GmbH collects, uses, stores and processes personal data, also with the use of automated data processing, that is required for the establishment and implementation of the contract with RDA Expo GmbH. Insofar as this is required for the fulfilment and implementation of the contract, RDA Expo GmbH may also forward the data that is collected to third parties who may also only use and process this data for the fulfilment and implementation of the contract with RDA Expo GmbH. All of the data that is collected will be used in compliance with the requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and solely for the aforementioned purposes. Please find detailed information about RDA Expo GmbH‘s data processing in the Data Protection Declaration of the RDA Expo GmbH at www.rda-expo.de/en/privacy.
11.2. Data use for information, advertising and marketing purposes
Where RDA Expo GmbH has received explicit consent for the use of personal data for the purpose of advertising RDA Expo GmbH‘s own offerings, such consent may be withdrawn from RDA Expo GmbH at any time by post, telephone, fax or e-mail.

12. Limitation
In the absence of other mandatory statutory provisions, claims by the exhibitor against RDA Expo GmbH expire in six months.

13. German law
All rights and claims arising from and due to the contract are exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

14. Place of fulfilment, jurisdiction
Cologne shall be the place of fulfilment. Cologne shall be the place of jurisdiction for business people, legal persons under public law or exhibitors who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany.